Hiring a wedding planning company V`s DIY wedding planning

Hiring a wedding planning company V`s DIY wedding

At Make My Day we quite often come across couples that find wedding planning overwhelming. The internet is full of ideas and inspiration at your fingertips whether it be Google or Pinterest the options are pretty much endless. This creates an abundance of decision making processes and we find some couples become extremely confused and incredibly anxious.

Planning a wedding should be fun. If you’re not a creative person or don’t have much free time on your hands then the thought of where to start and what needs doing when can just be incredibly daunting.

Today there are hundreds if not thousands of wedding planning companies, some that help you with every single step of your wedding planning and others that just help with certain areas like wedding décor.

The benefits of using wedding planning companies V`s a complete DIY wedding are highlighted below.

Advantages of hiring a wedding planner

· You can keep track of your budget a lot easier as you only pay the wedding planning company and then they pay all the external wedding suppliers on your behalf.

· Wedding Planners will have a catalogue of reliable and reputable suppliers within the industry that will deliver a high standard of service.

· Your wedding planner will be able to advise you on what decor and special features work best at a venue. All venues are different and what may look wow in one venue, may not work in another.

· Wedding planners will help keep you on track, and advise you on what needs doing when eg: when you should give out your invites.

· If anything should go wrong wedding planners will be on hand to resolve the situation.

Disadvantages of hiring a wedding planner

· Depending on the level of service your wedding planner provides they can be quite costly.

· Couples may feel detached from their wedding planning, and feel that they won’t be in full control.

Advantages of a DIY wedding

· You have full control over your planning and can do research into finding supplier’s that fit within your set budget.

· If you’re a creative person making your own wedding stationery, centerpieces and other props and venue décor can be really fun, and it allows you to add your own touch.

· It gives couples the opportunity to create and plan together, and an opportunity to learn new skills.

Disadvantages of a DIY wedding

· Planning every little detail and researching wedding suppliers can be very time consuming and become very stressful.

· If any issues should arise before the wedding or on the day of the wedding it can cause added pressure and stress to the couple, on what should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

· Harder to keep track of costs and payments (this is where a good spreadsheet or budget tracker needs to be in place) as costs soon mount up for all the small things that you might just forget to include.

· You may find it very difficult to get everything done within time frames eg: If you’re making your own invites you need to allow enough time to make them before they are due to go out.

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